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Michigan - May 16, 2009 - LumberJocks Get Together

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In about a month from today, on Saturday, May 16, 2009 our friend and fellow LumberJock Rick Kruse aka Rustic will be hosting a LumberJock Event. As of this writing only a few have committed to attend. The question is, WHERE IS EVERYBODY????

When Rick first annouced his plans there were a lot more who said they would love a get together. Now that a date and location have been set the response has dropped off. I've got it written on my calendar and the wife and I are looking forward to meeting those that come. So, I'm putting this out there to make sure that everybody remembers to contact Rick and let him know you're coming so that he can make plans.

All you Michigan LJs get ahold of Rick and let's make this a memorable event.
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I'm going to be having my chemo then. It all depends on my depends.
too funny Jockmike2 Thank you Russel for helping out. I have started pming everyone who said they would come.
just had to get this back on the main page
Where in Michigan will this be held? I didn't see the original announcement.
Grand Rapids, Mi @my home pm me for directions
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