Menard's - Mechanical Drafting Pencil (Rating: 4)

I have mainly used whatever pencils left over from the kid's school supplies but have wanted to try out a mechanical drafting pencil (2.0 mm) but most I have come across were sort of costly and/or also needed to be shipped.

I came across this pencil while doing my normal sweep at the store. It was under 5 bucks so put it cheaper than anything else I have come across. I liked the fact it was hexagonal to avoid rolling off the work bench as the clip will be removed (as I find them annoying).

Not for sure if you can really rate a pencil….. but it did what it needed to do as it marked fine and was consistent. The sharpener worked well and overall found it to be satisfactory. I would like it to have a little more weight to it but at under 5 bucks figured no harm if it finds it way to the trash if I end up going back to the old standby.