Master Mechanic - 151367 12V Litium Ion 3/8" VSR Drill and 1/4" Impact Driver (Rating: 4)

This kit comes with a 3/8" VSR drill and a 1/4" drive impact driver, two batteries, 50 minute charger and a canvas carrying case.

I've only had this kit about a week but it seems to have plenty of power for what it is, after all, it's only 12V.

From the True Value Website:

Get two Master Mechanic 12V lithium-ion drills for one low price. Driver combo kit consists of: 3/8" compact cordless drill that features 2 speeds, 0-350 rpm, 0-1050 rpm, 17 torque settings, LED work light. Plus an impact driver that features variable speed, 0-2200 rpm/0-3000 bpm, quick release hex drive, auto spindle lock shaft, LED work light, rubber over mold grip & cast aluminum gear head. Set includes two batteries with power indicator, 30 minute diagnostic charger & nylon tote.

I've used my Milwaukee 14.4 1/2" drive for the last 12 years with no problem except that it is too big to get in some spots, so I decided to try this little kit.

Right out of the box the batteries were understandably only half charged, but topped up in less than the allotted time, (probably 30 minutes for the pair).

I decided to do a little test using only one battery to see how long it would take to wear one down.

I started out with an old hard SYP 4X4 and a box of 100 rusty 2 1/2" #12 Deck screws. (The screws weren't really rusty, just corroded from laying in the bottom of a wet tool box on the tractor, the rust came from the water and old tools they were laying with).

Sad to say, I sank all 100 of the screws as fast as I could and the battery still showed 3/4-full charge. The part I was sad about was that my arm was tired. There isn't enough weight to the drill to give you a lot of control over the torque.
I rested for about 15 minutes then pulled all the screws out and sank them again.
The battery still read about 2/3 charge.

Enough of this, I removed the battery and put it in the impact driver and after removing all the screws sank them in again, ...... twice. This was much easier on my arm as the impact worked pretty good.
The battery still showed about 1/2 charge so I removed the screws once more and started driving them in again, unfortunately about 1 out of 3 screws snapped off before I could sink them all the way, probably from metal fatigue.

Now I'm left with a holey 4X4 that has lot's of metal in it if anyone needs to test out their metal detector.

The battery still wasn't dead but I recharged it anyway just to have it on hand if I needed it.

This kit probably wouldn't equal the same job a Bosch or DeWalt or MAkita or Milwaukee kit of the same size would, but the bottom line for me is that for the $50 -$5 coupon, it will probably serve me well in the shop and I won't mind loaning it to any of the campers who need one here at the campground.

Definitely worth the $50

If you are in need of something light and reasonably priced, consider this little unit.