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MASSIVE industrial table saw

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I am cleaning out a warehouse, and came across a very heavy duty, three phase table saw.

I am looking for a buyer.

Here is what I know so far:

It was manufactured by Crescent Tool in Ohio and looks similar to this but is in better shape:

I have all of the fences, belts, wrench, and various parts.

It has a 1 inch diameter arbor.

No blade.

This saw came from the Trumpy Boat Yard in Annapolis, MD via an auction in 1974:

It weighs at least half a ton.

Any advice or offers are genuinely appreciated.

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Quite the beast, very historical. Looks like the table tilts to get angled cuts. Probably has old style Babbet (sic) bearings. I bought a monster like that for $5 at a sale once. Mereen Johnson 1923 sliding panel saw. Needed about 6 friends to help load it up. It wasn't worth the effort if you plan to use it. I currently use the 250 lb. cast iron frame for a base for my workbench. It never moves.

Donate it to a historical society.
I was thinking that it would make a nice table base, and it does have the Babbet bearings, and the bed does tilt. Looks like it has value as a table in its current location, but probably not as a saw. I jacked it up yesterday and rolled it around on pipes. Given about 2 hours I think I could get it loaded onto a trailer.

I'd like to sell this thing to a collector, but it seems more likely that I'll do the same thing and turn this into a table.

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