Makita - LB1200F 305mm (12") - Makita Band Saw (Rating: 4)

Specification (cut & paste from internet)
Cutting speed: L:6.7m/sec H: 13.3m/sec
Cutting capacities: Height: 165mm, Width: 305mm
Blade size: 2240mm / 6, 13 and 16mm
Speed control: 2 speeds >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> manual change
Net weight: 81.2kg inc stand
Table tilt range: 2º- to 45º+
Table size: 560×400mm
Table height: 1m
Wattage: 900w

Wheeled Leg-Stand >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> usefull
Rip Fence >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> plastic + not a precision one
Push Stick >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> don´t have a neodimiun magnet, so, I add my own
Hex Wrench >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 of
3 x Blades >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> supposed to have 3, mine come with 4

nice new tool to my woodwork garage
include 4 band saw blades in the box
some leds to help the cut - not a lot of light, but they are there - and deserve some upgrade
useful wheels in the base - to move around
low noise induction motor
cast iron table

plastic included and I hate it
pricey in brazil, but this is normal - here it´s the land of monster tax from govern and greed from manufacturers
maybe more than 2 hours to assembly - lots of screws in the base
maybe hard to find blades
manual is a total junk - have translation errors and explain nothing about how to fine tune and how to use the tool