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Makita 2012nb Dust Collection & Noise

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Yet another set of planer questions…..

I am looking to purchase a planer for my workshop and thinking about getting the Makita 2012nb as Makita claims to be quieter (83 db at idle) (Note: the review shows it at 100 at idle, so not sure what to believe).

Criteria: weekend woodworker, liftable by one person, minimize noise as using indoors, good dust collection, <$600

So two questions….
1. Is the Makita actually any quieter than other benchtop/portable planers? My wife likes to work in the workshop with me, but is pretty sensitive to noise. We obviously wear ear protection, but if the Makita is truly ~10 dB quieter than others then this would be a big plus.

2. Dust collection - The Makita and its 3" dust port seem pretty odd. I have read that people without much trouble made adapters for the 3" to either 4" or 2.5" hoses. I also read that the 4"<->3" adapter such as the one made by Woodstock ( doesn't actually do the trick. So I wanted to know what people did to get to work with their 4" dust collector hose?

And I also wanted to know how well the dust collection works on it as I saw the Dewalt 735 includes a fan to help get the dust and chips out, while the Makita doesn't. How much of a difference does this make?
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I would believe the woodstore over the manufacturers claims. Wood magazine did a review a couple of years ago on lunchbox planers and there wasn't a lot of difference in any of them as far as noise. I just went to your link and you can see that there isn't a lot of difference in noise between any of them.
The only thing that really quiets them down is a segmented head llke the shelix. Even that still requires hearing protection. If you have a dust collection system you don't need a fan on the machine although it doesn't hurt. The fan on the DW735 will clear shavings well without a system but you still need something to collect the shavings in.
I went from a Delta lunchbox to the DW735 ( wore out the Delta) It was a good planer but I wouldn't go back.
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