Makita - Cordless Blower(BUB182Z) (Rating: 5)

How to clean your shop(and other places too)
I have the blessed opportunity to use a very good friend's shop whenever I want. There are two really good things about working there:

1) He has sattellite radio piped in. That means I can listen to 50's music all day long. He was listening to it before I got there so there's no battle on what station to set it on. He also likes gospel music from time to time which I also enjoy. A great environment, and a very gracious friend to allow me to use his shop.

2) At the end of most days he likes to make a pass at cleaning up a lot of the dust that often accumulates. He introduced me to his cleaning aparatus. It is a Makita BUB182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower.

Power tool Gas Bicycle part Tool Composite material

Note the added cord for hanging it on a hook.

Just open the big door, start from the opposite end and start blowing all the dust out the door. At first I thought it was only good for the floor and the machines. However, I have recently discovered that it is actually a variable speed unit. Not only that, it has 3 speed settings if you are trigger-challenged.

Blue Power tool Saw Tool Electric blue

Even with it on high though, I can gingerly pull the trigger and get a very light breeze that will not disturb the lightest of scraps lying on the bench.
Here's a before shot of a mess I made:

Rectangle Wood Flooring Hardwood Beige

And after gingerly blowing the dust away:

Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Art

The first thing you think of when you hear of using a cordless blower(or a leaf blower) is that you are working with 100mph capability. Actually, you are, but with this variable speed unit, you can control it to just a whisper. With that, its usability goes WAY up. You can swap the nozzle to the side port and put a bag on the output if you wanted to suck up the dust and capture it in a bag, but I can't see that as very useful. Someone might need that feature though.

With the Lithum Ion batteries, you get a loooooong life from each charge. I currently don't have any Makita cordless tools, but my next cordless just might be Makita so I can also double duty the batteries with one of these blowers. I highly recommend it to make cleaning your shop a breeze. (Sorry Steve, I just can't help myself. I just kill me.)

Actually, I have another good friend that does a very similar thing with his shop. He added an attic fan to one corner of his shop(opposite corner of an outside door). He opens the outside door, turns on the attic fan, and uses a small corded vacuum cleaner with it set to blow, and does basically the same thing. The bestest and quickest way to clean the dust in your shop(variable speed or not).

PS: Hey Rod, you should see this thing…