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Making WWPA 105 Shiplap siding

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Any ideas on how to make WWPA 105 shiplap siding? I'm new to woodworking…I thought I could make it use a router, so I went and purchased a router and router table, but now I'm not so sure. Can this be done with a router, and, if so, what bit(s) should I buy? If not, what tool should I buy?
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How many lineal feet do you intend to run? A shaper would be a better tool if you are going to be making large quantities of siding. A router could be used with a panel rising bit, then cutting the rabbet on the table saw with a dado will be faster than using a router. Here is the type of bit you'd need. You will want to slow your router way down when using large bits like that.
I use this bit to raise panels for interior/exterior doors. The radius of the cove is 1-1/2", slightly greater than the 1-1/8" that the WWPA standards call for.

Keep in mind that this is a 3-1/2" diameter bit. Be sure your router table can accommodate it. Like Bondo said, you need to slow your router all the way down for a bit that big. You might need to make your cuts in multiple passes, depending on the horsepower of your router. A feather board mounted to the fence will help keep the wood flat against the table top.
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