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Making a living doing what i love......and yes Im new here!

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so i just wanted to introduce myself…and say hello to everyone. Im a 4th generation wood worker from North Georgia and scratch out my living making all custom reclaimed wood and barnwood furniture. My great grandpa started Ellijay Lumber Company and cut and milled timber for nearly 125yrs-he supplied Georgia Pacific and the US Govt during WWII. Eventually is became my grandpas, then my uncle (who raised me) and then on to me. I enjoy the retail side but my true love is working with the woo myself, so I began to build furniture for some local folk in my spare time… thing I know thru word of mouth I had 10pcs to build. That went to 20 then 40 then I decided to make it my full time job. That was in 2001 and Ive stayed about 100pcs behind since then. Beyond blessed and everyday I love going into my shop….its not like work when you love what you do…that ole saying is true! Anyway, Im always looking to improve and hear some of the "ole timers" tricks-if you guys will pass them on! lol God bless to everyone and I look forward to being an active member!
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Welcome to LJs ! You are living the life that a lot of us here dream of. Glad to have you here! Good Luck, Work Safely and Have Fun!
Welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard.

If you are always 100 pieces behind your not charging enough.
sounds great love to see some of your work.welcome to lumber jocks.

There is some good infoabout LJ's here. And don't forget to use the return button on longer posts. Easier on the eyes for all the old guys here.
Welcome aboard.
sounds great love to see some of your work.welcome to lumber jocks.

- pottz
Welcome Mark.
While visiting an (unnamed) country, I came upon some interesting wood products (carvings). I asked if they were produced by local artisans. "No," said the shop owner, "We have a minimum wage in this country, and no one could make a living carving these pieces!" If you find some wood products that you would like to produce, ask if they are made in this country. If not it may be an indication that making such items is not feasible for you if you want to make a living of it.
I love working with wood and will likely continue as long as I can. Fortunately I am retired with an adequate income.
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