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Making a Kirsten Kone for reverse turning hollow forms

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a "Kirsten Kone," for reverse turning hollow forms? I've been looking online for directions on how to make on but I havent been able to find any good sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some images from Jim Syversteins website of what I have been able to find.

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This is Oskar Kirsten of the Kirsten Kone mentioned above. First of all, I am flatered and also like the presentation of my tool to aid in reverse turning.
Just a little info for do-it-yourself: the cost of the tool is in the macining of the M2 taper that fit most headstocks. It requires precision and if off at either end, it is useless. The steel is available but costly in small length quantities. I use polypropelyne for the Kone to keep the wood mouth cool if it spins. This way, there are no burn marks at the mouth. Aluminum leaves aluminum oxide and hard to sand out. I would not recommend a wooden Kone because the eventual spin will leave a black burn line and requires difficult sanding. The pad for the "driver" is now a simple furniture chair leg slide pad that is heavy felt for traction and easily replaced at Home Depot. The Kone is set on the shaft with a locking shaft collar that has a "dog point" to engage the back of the Kone and is an improvement over the previous design.

You can read about it on my website (alas, still a work in progress) at "Oskarkirsten. com." I welcome any discussion since I'm just a wood shaver and not a retail house.
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