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Parallel Auto part Art Cylinder Drawing

For a general purpose cyclone approximate dimensions are (see Fig.):
a/D = 0.5, b/D = 0.25, De/D = 0.5, S/D = 0.6, h/D = 1.75, H/D = 3.75, B/D = 0.4.
De could roughly match your existing DC conduits. From there you can calculate the rest of the dimensions.
For high efficiency the body should be longer and narrower with smaller inlet and outlet, for high throughput the opposite.

Considering the constraints (specific DC that you already have) the cyclone cannot be overbuilt because practical efficiency in this case is a single peak function. I.e. it's a compromise between separation efficiency (which you want to maximize) and through flow (which you want to keep above certain minimum). Keep in mind that there is no single design, which performs best for all dust collection situations.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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