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this is my first post and I have a serious need… I haven't done any appreciable woodworking for years. I make leather items, mostly carved leather- however, this isn't about leather… Years ago, I had a piece of wood shaped sort of like a curved pipe. You would place a belt on the large end & put the small end on the very edge of the table & the wood & belt looked like they were defying gravity by hanging over the edge of the table without falling off. It has to do with suspension angles, but it looks like magic. I need to make some more of these as a means of drawing customers into our tent.
DOES ANYONE HAVE A PLAN OR A PICTURE (IN THE ACTUAL SIZE) FOR ONE OF THESE (or even know what I'm talking about)? Any & all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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russbrew2, did you ever figure out the design for your Magic Pipe? I have to look around but I should have some laying around somewhere. Let me know if anyone still is interested.Till I saw the post I had forgotten about them.
I have a couple of those. They can be a lot of different sizes. PM if you would like a picture and some measurements. Vernon
Interested in obtaining a pattern of the magic belt hanger __
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