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Made in USA Challenge List

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I just read a challenge for putting together a shop for under $5,000 with all made in America components. Unfortunately, no one realized the opportunity at hand.

I lost almost all of my shop tools in a move and am having to start from scratch. I have made the commitment to as far as possible, go strictly Made in the USA. Barring that I will be looking to assembled in the USA and then to made on the North American continent.

We all have different resources, budget and time constraints. Rather than making a challenge with such narrow constraints, how about a challenge that can help everyone to make the best choices possible in their circumstances?

I would like to see both new and used categories. Items in the used category should be readily available with parts still easily obtainable or substitutable without compromise in function or safety. Please specify whether the item is new or used, where the item is made or assembled, price range, and any special features. More details are better. Please don't make guesses or assumptions.

It can take hours and days to gather this kind of info. But, if we all work at it, it should turn out to be a marvelous resource that didn't take a huge chunk of valuable woodworking time from any of us.

Thanks for your help!
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You can get all your USA-made machinery used at bargain prices these
days with so many shops closing.

Old machine junkies have no trouble outfitting a shop with old American
iron, but such machines lack some modern conveniences and do have
their quirks.

Woodmaster is USA made. Good planers. RBI is very similar and
I bet made in the Woodmaster factory. Belsaw's are similar and available
I'm interested.

Which table saw, drill press and jointer are American made today.
Far easier to take the Made in China challenge-the same entire shop worth of tools for $500.00.
Seems that's how its going these days.
Delta is coming back to AMERICA Top quality, great folks to deal with. The best anywhere. Maybe over your budget, but you won't be disappointed.
"I'm interested.

Which table saw, drill press and jointer are American made today."

Table saw and jointer: Northfield
You'd have no problem putting together the basics out of vintage tools for under $5000. If you already have 3 phase, you could probably do it much cheaper. Plenty of US stuff out there.
There's also the Gil-bilt machinery kits. I think they can still
be bought from Gilliom Manufacturing.
I would be hard pressed to equip a shop under $5000 with made in the U.S.A. tools. I would have to rely on used machines for the better part of $5K. A lot of hand tools would have to come from Sears. A search of industrial supply catalogs can produce some American made tools, but price will tell you where it's made.
Try plus a $1000 worth of hand tools and you are off and running. Yes, it is not the best saw, but it is made in the USA and the service is GREAT.
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