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At first I complained about a lot of the boards being warped or being pretty rough only in one spot so I'd have to mill (on my mediocre delta planer) down quite a bit to get a usable surface across the entire board. But then I realized that its fairly unique of them to let you sort through all the wood to pick the pieces you want. And this is the reason why there are so many mediocre pieces left over. I have since learned to appreciate MacBeath's. They do extremely well at selling to the little guy even though most of their revenue comes from pro's who purchase higher quantities. If you are flexible in your wood choice, typically they will have a stack of wood that recently arrived. Its easy to get quality boards from the newly arrived stuff. I previously would complain about their prices being 10 or 20% higher than the cheapest I could find elsewhere. But then I shopped around and realized that I would gladly pay this for the ability to pick through lumber, purchase small quantities, and even cut 3 feet off of the end of some exotic wood board. It s all about perspective I guess. If you look at the margins in the lumber business, I don't think these guys are getting rich. Its just a regular business that is willing to cater to my small purchases.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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