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I'm making my workbench, and about to start on the stretchers and legs. I thought I had this all figured out, but then I probably over-analyzed, and now I'm paralyzed!

Some questions:

1)What would good dimensions be for my mortises and tenons? My legs are 4.5"x 5.5" (beefy suckers!) and the stretchers will be 6" wide by 3" thick.

2) Should I make the tenons the full width with only 2 shoulders, or make them with 4 shoulders?

Keep in mind that I want the stretchers to be flush with the outside of the legs, so the mortise will not be in the middle of the leg, it will be offset to one side.

Help? This will be my very first M&T joint EVER, and I'd like it to be sturdy.

I'm also planning on attempting a drawbore with these, but might just end up with a simple pinning.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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