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lunchbox planer question

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Good evening everyone. I just purchased the porter cable planer from lowes. I am aware that it is a clone of the delta shop master portable planer. I purchased it knowing its limitations. It will probably see only occasional use. The instructions don't really tell you how thin it can plane to, or length. More or less what I am trying to say is if I resaw a board to 1/4 or even 1/8 inch can I plane it to clean up band saw marks and to final thickness. Or can I put a 12" piece through safely. Will I need to build a sled or something like that. any other advise would be helpful to avoid snipe, safety, etc
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12" is about as short as you would probably would want to use. There are techniques to make "runners" for short pieces so they can safely pass through the planer. As for thickness, most planers suggest 1/8" as the minimum thickness. You can make an insert to rest on the original bed. This will allow you to make thinner stock. When planing material thinner than 1/8", it will have the tendency to shatter- especially in areas where the grain runs wild.
Greetings…..... What lew said sounds just about dead-on…....I have no further comments. He said it all.
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