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Lumberyard in Portland area

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Does anyone know a good lumberyard in Portland OR area ? I need some 8/4 of good looking hardwood.
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Check out Hardwood Industries. Very good selection and very competitive prices.
In order of preference, but all have good quality. I use all of them depending on what I want/need.

Hurford hardwoods - 8930 NE Killingsworth St

Gilmer Wood Co - 2211 NW St Helens Rd

Woodcrafters - 212 NE 6th Ave

Crosscut Hardwoods - 3065 NW Front Ave
If you are willing to stick with local species, Milwaukee Hardwoods is an options.
Crosscut has a good selection but is expensive. Woodcrafters is more limited and more expensive. Hardwood Industries if you are buying a larger quantity.

I recently purchased 12/4 Mahogany from Crosscut.
Shurway Building supplies in Vancouver has a good selection of hardwood lumber and hardwood plywood.
Popular Woodworking stopped maintaining their list of hardwood lumber dealers in 2020, but the list is still online here.

It lists two in Portland, one of which was mentioned above.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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