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Lumber Yard Hack?

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I have run into a problem that I cannot seem to solve with an efficient method. Looking to cut down time and effort without damaging material. I'm sure you've seen these tiny 3/8" sticks that separate material. There is a chemical burn that gets left on the face of the material from these sticks that my current employers do not like. They want us to remove these as fast as possible because they believe it will make the mark worse. Whether or not they are correct, I do not know. Trying to avoid manually re-stacking the lumber by hand to save time and our backs. If anyone knows of a good hack or a simple solution I could really use the help, thanks!

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I wonder if using the same species of wood might eliminate the marks. If so, then you could make the spacers and then just insert them and remove the other spacers.
As I ponder this I wonder if the wood could be off gassing something that when it hits another solid membrane causes the discoloration. If so, possibly no solution other than stacking flat on its own stock. If it is the material a simple change to a different type should remedy I would think. Why the spacers, for additional acclimation?
I'm not sure why the marks are made. I just need to find the most effective way to get those thin sticks out without having my guys restack by hand.
Ahh, I get it. Not sure about the weight and if the wood will get marred but can you get some sort of rectangular or oval material in there with enough of a handle to give it a slight rise to swap the spacers. A wooden oval shape with a T-handle is the best I can think of but your new material will need to be sized to be roughly the same. If you are going to get close to the floor an L shaped handle may be better too. Good luck!
Definitely worth a try, thank you!
Can make long wedges. Drive one in from each side pull stickers and replace them. Then pull the wedges out
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