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Lumber storage for a garage shop

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Hi all, I would like to solve my lumber storage issue once and for all and was hoping I could get some good suggestions. I have pretty much ruled out establishing racks on a wall. The only wall available has windows.

I have been thinking of making a rolling cart with one half shelves and the other half sheet good storage. Any advise, suggestions, examples, or plan recommendations would be most welcome.
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I have been thinking about storage in the garage quite a bit lately… one thing I looked at a lot was a lift. Someday I suspect Ill get one (they are expensive but relative to the cost of the structure itself a $2700 lift could be worth it. Park project car on top of it and the 4 wheelers underneath. That being said I have been thinking about taking and making a set of storage shelves underneath the area we park on. Make it so the car comes in the garage and drives up a 2 foot ramp that sits on top of storage. This may take some welding but it could be done. I have been thinking about it for a month.

I think Drew likes playing with big toys!!
Sounds like great ideas you have.
ShopNotes #55 has a great design and plan as well as a cutting diagram for a rolling storage rack. Unfortunately it can't be downloaded . August Publishing will fax it (not recommended) or snail mail it. It has room for sheets, shorts and longs as well as a provision for a panel cutter.
Just as a PS to the above: You can see a picture of the rack as well as just the cutting diagram at
Thanks DaBull. This really fits the bill.
I have a .pdf file of issue 55 if anyone wants it. Just let me know.
Gosh Wayne, it's hard to find a space to comment. Take a look at my shop photos. I have a stationary rack like you describe. It has space for sheet goods with racks for lumber on the side and on top. You might not be able to see the rack. It's always pretty full.
I just looked a the pic and yuou can't see the rack.
With space being such a limited commodity for me I have learned to plan carefully. I do not store any sheet goods other than decent sized drops frpm completed jobs. When I am ready for sheet goods, I go get them. Solid stock is another matter. I buy my Oak in 600 bdft lots because that is what my F150 will carry comfortably, and I can get that amount planed to thickness over a weekend. This I stack outside under a black tarp, elevated about 14" off the ground. Been doing it like this for years with no problem. My shop space I reserve for tools and assembly.

I just thought of something else we do. We stack sheet goods on two sawhorses in the saddle shop next to my layout table. we now have a finishing bench that is 8 foot square. we just throw a tarp over the sheet goods. It becomes a real solid bench.
Thanks. Great ideas. I think I am going to have to completely redesign my shop. The stuff in it is out of control. I'm hoping to get some time to work on it when I take vacation in a couple of weeks.
Hi Wayne;
--why not own a piece of NH real estate….

I was talking to a friend on Saturday and he was mentioning a barn and carriage house, in very good condition that he is wanting me to take down and I can have for free….or any can have for free. So all you need to do is tear it down and number the beams and wood….ship to Sacramento, CA and you've got a 'big wood closet' for all your wood storage, plus you now have bragging rights to owning a piece of NH real estate….LOL

I know we laugh at this, but the barn and carriage house are both in very good condition. I would be thinking about taking this one down and still am considering, however I also have a major cabin renovation going on at this moment also….oh well.

Take care and enjoy your week in the redwoods….
Thank you.
I would love to own a piece of NH real estate. Unfortunately, I have a small lot in the suburbs that has no room for additional buildings. I'm hoping to move back to the country one of these days. Thanks. Redwoods are still two working weeks away.
Did you end up making something? Just wondering what you decided on.
I was wondering the same thing as JC
When I was in my garage, I had overhead storage. I used a lift salvaced from an old tent/trailer camper (free). Cables, crank and lift mechanism.
Solving the wood storage problem is the dream of every man,woman, and child that has ever spent more than an hour in a wood shop.

If you come up with a plan that truely solves it "once and for all", let me know. I'll invest in your idea and we'll both get rich.

Until then, I'll just keep leaning it against the wall, piling it up on the workbench (which is ALWAYS in the way), and laying it on the floor. Laying it on the floor seems best for me. It keeps me alert as I move around the shop. - lol
I'm still leaning the wood against the wall. My garage shop is a huge mess and I have not been getting much woodworking done lately. I need to get all of the household stuff that has seemed to migrate from the house into the shop.

Any tips on wife management?
@WayneC, I struggle with that as well. Any big items that are in the way in the house end up just outside the garage ^H shop door for me to deal with when I get a chance to go work in the shop. Some things that have helped: provide easy access to extra storage (I added plywood above my joists so there is a reasonable storage area above the garage). I am planning on adding storage for costco sized grocery items (soda boxes, etc) so they don't sit on the floor in front of the freezer which has baby bouncers and 50lb dog food bags on it. Good luck to you!
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