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I went to my local big box lumber store,lets just say it has a" Ho"at the beginning a "de" in the middle and an "ot" at the end and asked if by chance would they happen to have any shelving units that had accidently been run into by a way ward fork lift driver,wouldn't you know they did have some of their heavy duty adjustable shelves out back that had been bent up do to an employee with lead in his/her foot. I picked them up for the price of scrap,took them home,straightened out the bent legs and put some locking casters on the legs and I now have a heavy duty roll around lumber storage units with adjustable shelves. The best part is as long as there's no shortage of forklift drivers with heavy feet and low common sence there will always be a supply of shelving units thats needing repair.
Jim at
Clark Customs
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