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Lumber Jocks Challenge.

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This is my idea for the new year. The Lumber Jock Challenge.
We all have some projects that has not gone as you wanted them to go. Be it a piece of hardware, a bit of wood, just something.
For example
Rectangle Wood Art Creative arts Wood stain

I made this frame and have more tiles left. Yes I can make more frames but!!. Now I could send some to a Lumber Jock of my choice and see what would happen.

Rule # 1. Cannot be a copy of mine.
Rule # 2. Think outside the box.
Rule # 3. You must PM the poor Jock and get acceptance for the project.
Rule # 4. Recipient must post finished project after a TBD. amount of time.

I think that this could be fun and that some interesting projects could appear.
Let me know what you all think.
I already have some precipitants and stuff in mind.

Have a good season and happy new year All.


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