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Love the smell of pine

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I was working on a project tonight and was using some older reclaimed pine 2 bys. I love the smell of old pine for some reason. No clue what moisture content it was but it's first life was a shelf in the freezer of my father in laws store. After he upgraded to metal I took several of them. The tight grain is really cool too


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I LOVE old pine. My favorite wood to work with.
Smells like Granny's house
Lol. I don't think my grandparents houses smelled like old pine. It's a completely different smell than the new stuff though. I guess it smells like "character". I always just thought that it's the way cut would SHOULD smell. The tight grain always amazes me when compared to the newer lumber that's sold too. This stuff is roughly 20 or more years old. The guy that built them must have used 2bys for everything because I was told he'd go get bundles of them when they were on sale. At that time it wouldn't take a loan to do that like it would now.
Yeah, I've always been amazed when I'm cutting a pine board that's 30 or 40 years old and you can still smell the pine sap. I too really love that aroma. Maybe that's why I like Pine-Sol so much as well.
Wood smells can be so wonderful. That's why I go out of my way to buy incense cedar cased pencils - the cheap common ones have no pleasant odor (nor do they sharpen as smoothly).
Although after a lot of pine work, it can get pretty overwhelming!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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