SawStop - PCS175 w/ 52" rails (Rating: 5)

Just wanted to give a quick review on my new PCS175. I have been saving for an extremely long time to make this purchase. I am a musician and a graphic / web designer so if I lose my fingers, I lose my career and I wanted to lower my chances of that happening. Regardless of the breaking system, the saw is incredible. Best assembly instructions that I have ever used by far. I do recommend 2 or three people to put this thing together, at least until the cast iron extensions are attached.

When we got the saw together, we had planned to have to spend extra time setting and calibrating it. It was PERFECT! We were surprised, we just plugged and played.

The cast iron hand wheels are very easy to turn and extremely smooth operation. The beisemeyer style fence is great. no deflection, great adjustments for paralleling the blade, slides across the rails with ease. The overall fit and finish of the saw is just beautiful.

I can't think of one bad thing to say about this saw. It has taken everything that I have put through it without trying. I have only had this saw for two weeks, but I look forward to the many years that I will spend on this saw. If you are in the market for a cabinet saw, find a dealer and go check this saw out. So far it has been worth every penny!