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Lost clamp cushions

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I finally got tired of looking for the clamp cushions that are always falling off.

Automotive tire Tire Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Slope

So, I decided to turn them around. The one on the left is reversed.

Automotive tire Wood Bumper Flooring Electric blue

Now when they try to fall off, the bar blocks their escape ;-)

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Interesting…I will have to try that…Thanks
Gr8 solution
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest to come by. Thanks for the tip!
Bob, having been a hardworking and successful electrician all of your life, no doubt you are an experienced problem solver. I've worked with enough electricians to know how smart they are. Be sure to inform the clamp makers about your improvement to their product. Who knows, maybe you will be rewarded because of it. As you know, one of the best things that we can all do to stay young is to keep on solving problems. This is a simple but great solution to common problem that causes a lot of aggravation to thousands of us woodworkers. How many times have we heard the words - "Why didn't I/we think of that?" ;-| Hell fire! "Why didn't the clamp engineers think of that?" ;-|

I quit drinking my Bud Lights and have started drinking O'Doul's - so I'll just have a couple of O'Doul's today in honor of your new improvement to a common tool that thousands of us woodworkers use everyday. Here's to many more years of problem solving for you.

helluvawreck aka Charles
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Very clever - I have a few of those clamp pads missing because I wasn't smart enough to think of this years ago.

Thanks for sharing.

Bill in MI.
It beats roughing the clamping surfaces and glueing the pads to them,I have also tried double sided tape but your solution seems to be the most effective and least complicated one, well done Bob.
Just a heads up:, Saramclahan (#1 poster) is a spammer,she has posted on this thread and on the "workmate of your dream" thread and 20 other threads.I will flag that name where ever I see it.
Heh I spent time shoo-gooing mine on, it does keep them from sliding too so I will now say that is why I did it.
Good idea Bob. Funny that the spammers reply was actually fitting.
I usually lose them for weeks at a time and then they turn up.
Good idea !

I THINK that HD sells replacements on those pads.
Bob, that's a great idea. I'm definitely going to copy you. Thanks
Great idea! That, and a little super glue oughta darn near make them permanent!
Thanks for the comments and compliments. I am wondering why I didn't think of that years ago? ;-))

Charles, When you have a couple cold ones in my honor, have a couple more for me since I can't be there for the toast ;-)
Simple is as simple does :)) good thinking Bob.
Thanks, Jim.

I was out and about picking up some metal and pop rivets for a little repair job today. I didn't see any extra cushions in the Blue Box, but Ace Hardware had some. Almost $2 a pop with sales tax: $6.99 /4 pretax. There is probably more profit in the cushions than the clamps;-) I see the clamps on sale quite regularly.

I have always tried to close them when I am done with them, but it doesn't always happen and they fall off during use. I still can't figure out why I didn't think of this 10 years ago ;-)
Thanks to you Bob I will soon be able to reminisce about the days when my clamp pads always fell off. Brilliant solution, thanks.
Topa, I turned all mine around yesterday and haven't lost one yet…
I wonder if after turning the pads around anyone will need to be retrained on their correct use…
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