Pittsburgh Tools - 6 in. Heavy Duty Combination Square Item #69362 (Rating: 5)

For years I have used but four squares; a 2 inch steel engineer's square, a 12 inch Empire combination square, an antique 9 inch rosewood square, and a 24 inch framing square. All of these instruments have been tweaked and tuned, and match each other perfectly. Or, as perfect as perfect can get!

Recently, I found my myself in need of a square somewhere between my 9 inch and 2 inch squares. It is possible to bend the ruler if too much of the length is hanging off the work piece. I decided to look for a 6 inch combination square. Given that I have an affinity for the underdog, and my Windsor chisels were such a good deal, I decided to visit Harbor Freight once again. I purchased the Pittsburgh® 6 in. Heavy Duty Combination Square.

Out of the package, my first impression was favorable; I liked the weight and feel of the cast zinc alloy body. The stainless steel rule is nicely etched in both SAE and Metric scales, graduated to both millimeters and 1/32nds of an inch.

Now for the moment of truth … I placed my 2 inch engineer's square on the 90° right angle shoulder of my newly purchased square and gently slid the two rules together. To my delight there was no light between the rules. I then adjusted the new square to form a right angle with the rule and the shoulder and placed it on my 9 inch rosewood try square. Hmmm … a bit of light at the very bottom between the two rules. Upon further inspection I found an ever so slight bump at the very end of the 90° right angle shoulder of the Pittsburgh square, perhaps as a result of the casting process. With just four passes of a file the bump disappeared … and so did the light.

I am now the proud owner of a 6 inch combination square, and for the low price of $4.99 give it a great big thumbs up!