trend - Airshield Pro (Rating: 5)

I'm giving this five stars for now with the disclaimer that I've only used it for a short while on one day so far. I will update this if any problems arise. I see some of the issues with the older models, but the Airshield Pro seems to have corrected some of those. For example it is very light. I saw some complaints on the older one being heavy. They also say the current battery will run all day but I haven't tried it yet so I don't know.

Here's why I bought this: I hate masks and face shields. I've tried the various types of dust masks from the paper cheapies to the more expensive ones and I just hate breathing in the things. It just gets stuffy in them. And with face masks it always clouds up when you breath in them. So my solution has been to just go without and breath the saw dust. I wear safety glasses, but that doesn't keep stuff from hitting you in the face.

I was hoping I could find one of these to try out before I spent the money, but nobody kept them in stock so I went ahead and ordered one. Rockler had the best price because it came with free shipping and a free ten pack of replacement visor overlays. The price was $396.

In the little time I have warn this so far I find it to be very comfortable. When I breath the face shield fogs for a split second then the air flow clears it right up. It's probably about 50 degrees out in the shop so the air blowing on the face is a little cold, but it feels nice when you get to working. Vision is excellent out of it and I don't get that stuffy feeling at all. I'm sure my lunges will be very happy that I bought this.