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Looking to sell off the last remaining power tools to complete my journey to all hand tools

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I've got a few tools left to get into the hands of someone that will use them and take care of them as I have over the last few years. They are all in excellent condition other than basic wear and tear (nothing major) or damaging. I haven't used the stuff in a few months and it has been gathering dust so I figured it was time to clean it off and move it out. If there is anyone in the southeastern Pa area and needs the stuff I'll let go for a reasonable price. Just send me a private message and I'll Get back to you as quickly as I can. Ill be listing the stuff on Ebay and locally by the weekend but figured I'd give you guys first crack at it. I can ship the stuff but I'd think shipping would be really bad for the size and weight of the stuff.

Bosch router kit
Dewalt 10" chop saw
Router accessories
TS-55EQ-Plus Festool Track Saw
Upgraded 75" track
Johnson Rotating Laser Level Kit
Bostitch Brad Nailer
Dewalt Plater Joiner Kit

All are in their original cases well cared for and in excellent condition. Except the chop saw needs a new blade.

<iframe src="" height="360" width="480"></iframe>

Not sure if the images loaded so let me know if you guys see the images.

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I'd be interested in that Bosch router kit, but I am up in New Hampshire. If you don't sell it locally, can you let me know if you'd be willing to ship it?


The pictures don't show directly in the post (probably part of the picture posting bug going on here right now) but if you copy and paste the link into teh address bar, you can see them fine from there.
My wife just put it up on eBay with a buy it now button so if you went on there I'd ship it out on Thursday. Item number is 151993547909.
Got it, thank you very much!
I'll have your router out to you tomorrow sometime in the morning. My wife's off then so I can shoot out and get it in the mail. Thanks for picking that up from me. The wife is happy. If you you have any questions about it after you get it pm me.
As for wardrobe design….... I was a furniture designer for quite a few years and wardrobe falls under that category. However you need basic cabinetry tools to build wardrobes. I'm sure there is a forum here that describes what's needed to build cabinets tool wise. All of the tools I'm selling would be used in building cabinets or furniture in some way. I hope that answers your question.
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