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I skipped the options currently in stores when I found a 52 inch 1.5 hp unisaw from '94 on CL (think it's the -812 model, not at home to check right now). Came with the unifence system, htc mobile base, and a freud ripping blade. Felt it was a good, but not great deal at the price I picked it up for ($1100), even if I did blow past my budget. What made it better was when the seller called me two days later and said he also had a 24 inch Leigh dovetail jig, woodworker 2, stabilizer, and dado king (all forrest) set he'd like to move for $350.

Since then I've added onto it with a uniguard found, of all places, off of amazon, and a Delta 34-555 sliding table attachment from CL which I started modifying to the benchmark specs. I will eventually replace it with the Delta 34-485 (I need to make the missing rail, but otherwise a great deal) so I can crosscut a full 48 inches, which will be required for my next project. I also upgraded the mobile base by adding in 6 double locking swivel casters, allowing me to avoid having to parallel park the saw in my garage, and bring it up to a much more comfortable working height (I'm 6'4", and anything under 3 feet is killer on my back).

Attached an image of the saw as it is today.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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