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Looking for wide Walnut in PA, OH, VA.

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I got a customer who needs 4/4 Black walnut 10" and wider 12' long about 1000' feet. Green is fine. Believe it or not I've found some. Wondering if any LJ's new some smaller mills in this region who may be able to come up with this. Rustic quality is fine, it's basically a width and length thing.
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Hicksville Planing Mill in Clear Springs Maryland
can fill that order.
about 2-2.50/board foot depending on the quality.
2 for fas
2.50 fas clear
not sure if i can get 1000 foot.
can get close
i am located mid east pa 20 miles from ohio inbetween erie and pgh
grove city pa 16127
have ash
about 1.50/bf
wide cherry 20-30 inch 2-2.50 bf
about 2 yrs old but still green
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Hey SUPERDOG683, can you ship to California?
Yea!! can you ship to Calif??
i dunno, sounds like a hasle, but i like to do stuff for people
when i can, never know when i might need something.
who do ya use for heavy stuff like lumber??
how much do you want??
i am just one guy redoing some old houses.
so i cant get envolved in anything major. dont have time.
but if you want some pictures
and looking for smaller quanity.
1000 bf is the most i could supply (walnut)
but a couple other woods might be getting a little quanity.
i would think the shipping cost would make things expensive.
but if anyone is near grove city pa and want to get something that would be more ideal.
note changed my mind, this wood is not dry enough. i brought some cherry boards inside
several weeks back and they dried and checked too fast. so i cant control the shipping environment.
i could send the boards in good condition and if the shipping container is very dry
they might arrive in poor condition. if some one is local i can sell alittle for pickup
but it appears i will use most of the wood.
tx don
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