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So I am looking to build a cutting board glue-up jig. I need to start making cutting boards at a rate of 4 a week and figured I would build a clamping jig. I envision a table top with wood U-shaped pieces to run across it. Then I wanted to find some hold-down clamps where I drilled holes in the top part of the U, these clamps then bolted/screwed to the wood cross-beam and then the threaded clamp part could be screwed down and pressure the piece between the table top and the clamps. Figured 3 of these per cross-bar with a distribution board between the piece and the clamps.

Something like a pipe clamp only the threaded part and it would bolt to the cross-member. I remember seeing something like that on LJs but cannot find any reference to it.

Any thoughts as to where to find the clamp hardware I am talking about? I think the original project was built to do large panel glue-ups, for table tops and such.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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