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Looking for the right template routing tool

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I do a lot of template routing. I use template bits with a guide bearing when I want a through cut, and template guides on my router base when I do not want a through cut. Now, I have some detailed mdf templates that I want to use to route 1/8" wide by 1/8" deep patterns into solid wood. I would think a template guide for a dremel like the ones I use for my Bosch router would work, but I can't find anything like that. Any ideas on how to accomplish this. I'm open to acquiring a different tool. Thanks for any ideas.
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Although it sounds like you have the patterns made, I would personally use an 1/8" spiral bit with a collar on your router base. The smallest I found with a guide bearing is 3/16". If that is your preferred technique look here. (not the same bit that I pictured.

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Thanks. That may be the best answer. With a 5/16ths OD collar, the bit is 3/32nds off the pattern. For some of these irregular shapes I'm routing, that would work fine. For others, I would have to scale them up some (not a big deal … it's cut on CNC). It's just that if I could find a solution that kept the bit closer to the pattern, I would not have to look at each of these shapes individually.
In some cases you can think like a roto zip. Rather than a bearing the shaft rides against the pattern. Roto zip makes these bits for cutting S/R. I don't know the specs, but I remember them being close to 1/8" with an 1/8" shaft. It would burn your mdf pattern, but if you get that cut off a cnc maybe that could be a solution for you?
Thanks. That is a good idea. Actually Dremel makes a 1/8" straight router bit too. I know rotozip is a little heavier duty, but I'll use my Dremel until it dies. Then I'll buy a RotoZip. Thanks again!
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