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While I've enjoyed looking at projects on LJ this is my first post - so if out of scope or better directed somewhere else - please let me know. I'm trying to find someone to a small scale (20 piece) run of some inserts I want to use to retrofit benchdog holes into the 3 inch thick MDF top I use for my workbench. I built the bench as an early project and find that I'm using/interested in hand tools more than I expected at the time. I think that MDF alone will be too prone to damage to tolerate benchdogs/holdfasts reliably and my vision is to have a pillbox shaped insert - essentially a single piece composed of two cylinders (top 3 inch diameter and 3/4 inch height; bottom with 2.5 inch diameter and 2.25 inch height, 3/4 diameter hole all the way through). My diameters are somewhat arbitrary (3/4 isn't, the rest are) - so also love thoughts if it makes more sense to make these smaller.

I've done some googling but the job is too small scale for the CNC/custom turning folks I found. No luck on craigslist. Any tips for strategies to finding someone who is interested in doing this kind of work would be much appreciated.

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