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looking for slab for kitchen table

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I am building a new kitchen table for our home and am looking for a really cool slab or book matched pair of slabs to make it. The table will be rectangular with rounded ends and will be roughly 42×60.

I am thinking us using a slab from 8/2 to 10/4 think and am not married to any species. Just looking for a unique top. Price should not be more than $1000 but may be for the right piece.

I am in Illinois but can look on-line and have it shipped. Do you guys have a favorite supplier for this type of wood you can recommend?

Thanks for your help.

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Are you looking for a slab with bark on or with the live edge? Too bad that we are not closer because I have some walnut, maple, and pecan that could work.
I wish you luck in your efforts to find the right slab. From my experience, slabs like that are hard to find.

I have 4 walnut slabs still drying after I had the mill cut a portion of a tree trunk into slabs for me. (I decided not to have them kiln dried.) I know that the mill I use also sells lumber. I tell you all this to suggest that your best option may be to go to a mill and ask them to cut something for you. You will have to wait months for it to kiln dry or years for it to air dry.

If you were willing to drive into Iowa I can point you to a mill that would probably help you out, but I'm quite certain you could find something much closer.
I could sell you a book matched pair of burled and tiger striped big leaf maple slabs, but they would need to be kiln dried first; they have been air drying for about 6 months. I have both 8/4 and 12/4, about 7' to 10' long. I am in NW Oregon so the shipping would be high, hence the need to kiln dry them first. Still natural edged, I could trim first if you like. If this would interest you send me a message and we can chat some more. Figure on $12.50 a bf. I also have a claro black walnut log of about 36" heartwood I could custom cut for you. I can take some photos and get them to you this weekend.
Brian, either thru LJ or [email protected]
I have some 8/4 Cherry, some kiln dried and some ready to go in the kiln. I don't think I could book-match 42" though. I'm in north-central Indiana and would be glad to sell them. Would prefer you see them before you buy them though
Check Craigslist in your area for a local sawyer that may have just what you are looking for. I saw, air dry, and sell hardwood lumber. I am not a commercial operation, but once I bought the sawmill, I can't seem to stop sawing logs into lumber! I sell what I do not need for my own use to local woodworkers. It is really cool meeting people who love wood.
Reberly in Michigan just posted a Chicago run and he has some really nice slabs. He just posted the info a day or two ago.
you could check with LJ - oregonburls…..he may have something that size
Check the Forum section under Woodworking Trade & Swap , Reberly will be traveling through the area with a load of lumber including book match slabs of a verity of species….his travel date is Nov. 14 I think? This was just posted today so here your chance …BC
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