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I have a small kitchen and currently keep all of my spices in a narrow cabinet which entails me pulling many out till I find the correct bottle.

I would like to build a drawer that would hang below the existing upper cabinet that would pull out and then hinge down to display multiple bottles of spice.

After an internet search I found the following picture which looks like what I want:
Wood Tableware Shelving Ingredient Recipe

It is evidently from Workbench magazine June 2004 Issue 283. But I can't find any option on their web site to purchase an e-plan or even a hard copy of that issue. So I e-mailed August publishers to see if I could buy it.

While I wait I thought I would ask everyone here to see if they know of a free plan that would accomplish this. I found Grant Davis's version it could work but the pull out feature without the catch is what I was looking for.

Thanks in Advance


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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