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looking for good non-toxic stain options for childrens toy

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Hello. Hope you are all happy and enjoying the weekend.

I am looking for suggestions for non-toxic stain options to use on children's toy. Specifically, I am looking to colour the smoke stack on a series of toy boats black. These are very simple toys designed for young children who will, in all likelihood, put the toys in their mouths. Are there any safe options for staining or colouring the wood black or blackish?

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Acrylic paints are often used on kids' toys- lots of color choices in small bottles at hobby stores (e.g. Michael's). Shellac and lacquer are also non-toxic.
If its walnut or white oak you can ebonize it black with vinegar that has had steel wool in it for a few days.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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