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Looking for Boice Crane bearings

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I recently picked up a Boice Crane 6" jointer on a cast iron stand. It's a model 1400 from what I can tell. The bearings, mostly the one on the pulley side of the cutter head, make a distinctive rattling/grinding noise when it runs. I think they had the belt too tight for too long. I'm just going to replace both bearings while I pull it all apart and clean it up. I've seen several people on here mention they've replaced theirs but I can't find anyone mentioning part numbers. MrUnix mentioned he purchased his from Accurate Bearings and that they cost ~ $8 each. I'd love to hear from someone whose done a rebuild what part number bearings they purchased and what they'd do differently.
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Best thing to do is yank yours and see what you got, both visually and with callipers, before you order - there is no telling what might have been done to the machine over all those years. Mine had 88503's on the cutter head and 6203's in the motor, so that's what I replaced them with..

In most cases all you need is the dimensions. Inside diameter, outside diameter, length. You will have to remove them to measure.
Thanks, I've been reading the manual and anything else I can scrounge up. It's just hard to find that specific part number cross referenced anywhere. I started to pull them out this morning but it looks like I'll need a bearing puller. I figure I can probably rent/borrow one from the parts store.

On another note my knives are sharp but nicked so I'll swap them too. My calipers read them at 1/8" x 5/8". The spindle is 6" on the nose. My current knives are 5 3/4" which is obviously under capacity. The manual says to set the knives slightly proud of the spindle on the rabbet side. Are you guys running 6 1/8" knives or 6"?
Freud C350 knives (6×5/8×1/8) can be had online for about $20 give or take and fit perfect. Order a set and then have your originals sharpened so you have a spare set.

And while a puller would make things easier, you can get them off without one if you do a little creative thinking. Since you will be replacing them, it doesn't matter if they get destroyed in the process. The bearing on the pulley side will pop out once you take out the two screws holding it in place. The opposite side depends on how it comes out of the machine.. either still on the shaft or left in the housing. If it remains on the shaft, you can secure it in a vice and knock the end of the shaft to drive it off. If it's left in the housing, you will most likely have to destroy it to get it out.

Pullers are handy to have though.. and you can pick up an inexpensive set over at Horror Freight. They currently have their 3 puller set (3", 4" and 6") on sale, and with a coupon you can get it for under $20.

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Thanks again.

I'm going to take a stab at it later today. I'm hoping I can just remove the infeed table (maybe just the top) to get the spindle out.

So do you think the 6 1/8" knives would work to span the entire spindle and leave 1/8" proud for rabbeting?
Well I had to yank both table tops to get the spindle completely out. They're both Japan 88503 and look fairly new so someone has done this process recently. The front one is fine but the back one has a grinding noise. Ordered 2 from Accurate this morning and should have them next week.
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