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looking for an out of date Craftsman part

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HI everyone!
I recently picked up at a garage sale Craftsman Belt and Disc Sander model#113.226423. It seems to work great so far, but was missing the rod for the support table. It's part #814090. I've checked with sears, and the part is no longer available. I've also done a lot of searching (google is tired from my work I think) but can't find the piece anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Can you fabricate the rod?? Maybe post a pic.
here's a link to the parts picture. It's number 51, from the picture it looks like it's a hexagon shape. I'm sure I could find a hexagon rod somewhere but I don't know the exact size so I'll be measuring and doing my best to find something close. I'd rather just have the find the correct one… if it's possible for me to do so!
Hard to tell what shape it is from the pic. Look at your sander and see if the hole it goes thru is hex or round?

I'm thinking that even if it IS hex, you may be able to use a round piece with a set screw coming in from the side.
I'm surprised you can't just order it from there. I bought a set of 6" planer knives for a planer built in the 50's from that sears parts direct website.
I recommend you make a non-tilting wood table and get
on with using the tool.

Those table arrangements on lighter belt/disc sanders
are not that robust anyway. You can set up an ebay
alert for the part - somebody with the same sander
with a knackered motor may part one out someday.
Yeah, that picture isn't good, but from the actual manual i have here, it does look hexagonal. My worry about getting a round rod is that if I use it, no matter how much I tighten the screw onto it, the vibrations could make it slip and slowly rotate the support table.
The sears site doesn't provide the part anymore. I've done other searches and I'm not having luck so far. It's out there somewhere!
I have the 6×48" belt sander from the 70's. Yours is different but I'd get a 1/2" or whatever size it is bolt and screw it in with nut and see if that holds things. It's only a support rod to lay the table on when adjusted horizontally.
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