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Looking for a Shopsmith Jointer Fence

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During my last relocation I seem to have lost my Shopsmith jointer fence and eccentric tubes. Wondering if anyone has seen anyout there used and for sale.

Thanks in advance.
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Check eBay. They show up there all the time. I think there is one there now.
You can have my SS jointer, fence, tubes, storage stand and all. I never use it.
Don "Dances with Wood" Butler
Waterford, PA

If chuck doesn't take you up on thi offer - I will. It would not be for me as I already have one but it would go to my grandson who is a wantabe woodworker.
OK Dusty2,

All you would have to pay is the shipping expenses.

Don / Dusty -

Don thanks for the offer - but I all need is a fence. SO I would rather Dusty help out his grandson and get someone else hooked on the hobby.

I definitely appreciate the offer though

sounds like everyone got what they wanted but I have a jointner used less than three times with the stand for sale $250 plus shipping) or trade for a One-Way Chuck.

Hey! I've got one too. Complete, great condition, tubes, and a shop-made wall mount.
Shipping would be a bear 'cause it is one heavy sucker. Since I've started using glue line rippers, I have no need for the jointer.
Make me an offer.
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