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Looking for a reasonable priced shaper any advice

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I'm wondering how much hp I need and which one are good
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Hp depends on how you're going to use it. If you're going to do raised panels, I would want 3 hp or better. 2 hp would be pushing the lower limits, but I wouldn't recommend it. Anything less, and you might as well use a router table.
Look for used. A lot of shops are selling out now.--Powermatic, Jet and Delta are always safe,(new or used) but not cheap. Steel City and Grizzly are good choices,-Shop Fox--maybe. It all depends on what you mean by "reasonable"
Jim and Kent give good advice, in my view, anyway. the 2 or 3 hp is essential, i think. my motor is 2hp, and the shaper is a 1930s bench-top that i got for $50-without motor-at a garage sale

use "craigslist-tools" on the internet-based ads system to check for used shapers that being sold locally.

i use google reader to subscribe to the local-bellingham, wa- craigslist, i started watching about a year ago, and for awhile did include seattle-tacoma listing, but the S-T craigslist is just too big
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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