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Looking for a pulley to fit Craftsman "100" TS

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Hi , I picked up an ancient Craftsman table saw and found that the cheap , diecast motor pulley is woefully distorted , not broken , just OMG , how did the belt ever stay on type of distortion. LOL
The size is 2&1/2"O.D. x 5/8" (shaft hole) and takes a size"A" belt(1/2").
I've seen similar cheap ones online , but I'm looking for a better quality pulley.
Found a guy on ebay selling USED pulleys and belts , but I don't want to get the same thing again.
Any suggestions ?
Thank you : )
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Not sure IF you are near one of these stores, but, look up Tractor Supply Co. ( used to be Farm and fleet) They have a wide selection of pulleys and IF they doon't have one like you want, they WILL order one. While you are there, check out their motors as well….
There is a Tractor Supply Co in Belchertown on rte 202 coming from Granby.
Look at Grizzly, These are cast iron pulleys and will not
warp like the pot metal ones and are usually balanced. Most of the pulleys at hardware stores are the
pot metal type, and while they will work, the cast iron ones are better.
Unless you have a business account I do not think you can buy from Granger. That said Just about any tractor supply or Harbor freight should have what you need but don't get the pressed metal only use a cast machined pulley they are much more precision. Good luck.
Hi hairy , $16.42 from Grainger , and uncertain what would be shipped as they use a generic pulley picture for all of their items , and also would be die-cast zinc alloy. Thank you though : )

Hi bandit and Don and sandhill
I have two TS stores in my area. One in Southwick and the other is Southampton. They both told me that the pulleys may not be as pictured , and may vary by store , so I guess I'll make a road trip.
The young guy at the S'ton store thought that theirs was a "machined pulley" as opposed to die-cast. Time will tell.
Harbor Freight is about 20 minutes away..will check them out as well.
Thanks guys : )
Tractor Supply choices ; stamped steel die-cast zinc

Hi Gus
Grizzly was only showing full inch sizes, no 1/2" sizes and their shipping was as much as the part.
Thank you just the same. : )

Found this item from ZORO while researching ;
Cast Iron , $10.45 incl. shipping : ) Will look a bit further , but not much.

Thanks for all of your help !!
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I have a old craftsman ts when I got it ,it needed a pulley,I just went to the Ace hardware store and have been using it for years.
No luck at Harbor Freight.
Hi John , I tried my local ACE and they don't stock them anymore…have to order from warehouse and wait until Friday, and that would be for the same die-cast pulley that I have now.
I was able to order a cast iron one for less money including shipping from , so I'm all set for now : )
Thank you for your input !
Do you have an electric motor repair shop near you? Look in the phone book, there's always a shop nearby and they will have what you need.
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Dusty I have pair of the original Craftsman Sears TS Pulleys; they measure 2-1/4" O.D. by 5/8" shaft hole. I'm enclosing photos of the pulleys so you can view them, if you are still interested, I can ship them to you for $15.00. You can pay via Paypal. Just sent me a PM
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Dusty, I've bought machined pulleys and PALS from In-Line Industries. Very nice products. -Jack
Hey Dusty,

Have you checked "Stumpy's" site, he may have a jig to make one? ;-)

Work Safely and have Fun. - Len
LMAO , GrandpaLen !! : )
FYI, if you end up coming short - I can always machine one for you. will just need the original for reading the sizing
Sharon , a custom made pulley by a great friend > Priceless !! Thank you :)
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