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Looking for a Kiln near St. Charles, Missouri

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I live in St. Charles, Missouri. About three to four months ago my father-in-law and I cut up two nice white oak logs with his Wood-Miser lumber mill. The boards are stacked with stays in between them in my garage since we cut the boards from the logs. Now I need to find a mill or a private person that has some sort of kiln in order to dry it the rest of the way. I spoke to one mill which seems to be a pretty far distance from my residence. They said they would dry the lumber for me but it had to sit for at least 3-4 months. Well, now I am there! Does anyone know of a mill, a business, or even a private person that dries lumber that would be within 50 miles of St. Charles, Missouri? If so, please let me know. Name is Kevin and I can hardly wait to use all this lumber to put in a new oak staircase in my home. Thanks
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I have a solar kiln in St. Charles, Michigan. Is that close enough?
Thanks, but the distance between MO and MI is a bit too far. Appreciate the thought though. Osagewwods
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