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Long time Lumber Jocks

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In the past few days we have had a number of active* Lumber Jocks celebrate their 3rd anniversary. Give them a shout out of congratulations. (Gary) (Darryl) (Scottb) (TonyWard)

I think this is the largest number of 3 year members we've had in one week!!

  • For active, the person has to have posted at least 10 times. (not an official designation, my criterion only)
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That's a good criterion, Gary.

Congrats to all anniversaries!
Hip Hip Hooray! ...and thank you for being here when us new guys showed up!
Looking forward to my third anniversary, 2 years from today. As Kindlingermaker mentioned above, Thanks for being here for us new guys.
Congratulations Guys on your 3rd anniversaries. I'm looking forward to my first in another month.
As they say…all things are better with age??? Or was that just wine? Anyway…congrats to the old timers….I expect to be there some day myself….
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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