FastenMaster/Timberlok - Heavy duty wood screw (Rating: 5)

Was building retaining wall with treated 4×6's and need something to keep them together.
If we back up a little, was a friends place in jolly old England. He does handyman type stuff. Bricks, electrical, solariums,plumbing,fences etc. He had these screws for some of the large timbers he used. I thought they would be just what I needed, sometimes. Got back to Canada and tried to find them. You want what? No luck so I used google to find the company that made them. Called them said they did have a supplier in Canada near me. Called them they said they have sold a few to log home builders, that was about it.They could special order them for $4.00 each.
So on to e-bay, found them in NY for $33 for 50 plus shipping. worked out to $1.27 each landed.
I am very happy with the screws, they drive well with a regular cordless impact driver, It takes a fairly high torque driver to put in the 10" long one into treated wood. No drilling needed. Did have to finish the odd one off with the 3/8 drive ratchet.
Lots of different sizes available. If you have the need for extra strong corrosion resistant fasteners, these just may do the job. I think ACE Hardware has as stock in most of the US or e-bay.