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This spring my 83 year old mother had a few douglas fir trees taken down from our back yard. Most of the wood was taken by neighbors for their fireplaces. One which was a dead snag with woodpecker wholes in the top is stilll laying back there. There is about 15' of usable wood around 12" diameter. The second log is about 4' long, 10-11" diameter. My thought was to use short pieces of log and notch them so the longer ones sit stable and a bit higher and maybe make 4 benches so that If I bought 2 1/2 whiskey barrels for planters I could make two L shaped seating areas. I have an Arbortech power carver with all the chisels and have been working on sharpening up my grandfather's old drawknife so debarking would be the first job. I also thought it would be fun to carve the end not against the planter. I don't have any inspirations where to go with this part. I wa thinking maybe some animal head, or something whimsical but not the overdone "woodspirit" old man face that you see in every woodcarving magazine or craft show. We do have an ongoing war with squirrels diggong up the imaginary lawn and my new raised bed gardens out there. Does anyone have any suggestions or places to go for inspiration? I have done some limited woodcarving and have been pleased with how it turned out.- I don't want it to look like chainsaw art though iIlike rustic and smooth since we have small children who should not be indangered from sharp corners sticking out.
Suggestions would be welcome
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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