LOCKTITE - LOCTITE Loctite Power Grab for Tub Surrounds 10.1 oz cartridge (Rating: 1)

This product burned through my tub surround. I wasn't too happy about the ugly brown stain, but thought I might have done something wrong. I sent Loctite an inquiry using their web-site contact form and they did not reply, so I sent them the following inquiry one week later:

"Last week I sent you a note using this "contact" form and you didn't have the courtesy to reply. The following is a repeat of my question." "I'm not too happy with your "Power Grab" for tub surrounds. I used it re-glue two small areas that hadn't been glued properly when the tub surround was installed the year before. I chose to use this product because it was guaranteed not to burn through. At first I was very pleased with the results. It actually took several months before a brown stain appeared at the two places where I had applied the "Power Grab" for tub surrounds. I'd like an explanation."

I'll never again use any product made by Loctite. Power Grab for Tub Surrounds did "burn through", even though it's guaranteed not to. That's bad enough, but what really makes me mad is that they didn't take the time to try to give me a reason or maybe an explanation as to what I might have done wrong.