LOCKTITE - Power Grab adhesive 10. oz tube (Rating: 5)

I used Locktite Power Grab to install some cleats to support some shelves in our 5th wheel. The surfaces were fairly slick, so I roughed them up a bit with 50 grit sandpaper. I tried this adhesive because the cabinets are fairly deep and narrow, It would be quite difficult to reach in to position,, hold and attach the cleats with screws. I intended to get the cleats placed and use screws later. The product holds so well, I cannot break it loose after a day and a half. The only failure was on a long piece of thin wobbly paneling. I doubted if it would hold very well when I placed the cleat on it because it was not stiff enough to take the pressure of installation very well. It did hold well enough to keep the cleat in place until I got that one attached with screws. I need to find a place to see if I can hang a hammer form the ceiling :))