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It's A Balancing Act

It's all a balancing act - whether is it a ball on a seal's nose, a man on a tightrope, the magic balancing belt, or … well, what can you come up with?

Create a project that has at least one component that balances.

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How The Challenge Works
1. Create a project with some component that balances.
2. Post it as a new project.
3. Tag the project as: challenge-14
4. Have fun.

Although there is no "real" deadline, as this is an open challenge, projects for this initial challenge are to be posted by October 31st, 2012.
(We look forward to seeing many balancing projects, whether they are posted this month, next year, or ten years from now!)

The Prize
  • Fun
  • Friendly Competition


Other Challenges
Other challenges have been posted in the past. We'd love to see your entries for any or all of the challenges! Please remember to tag them as indicated for each challenge. LINK
Okay , count me in.


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>>>>>FREE DRAW!!!! <<<<< deadline Feb. 14/14

Hendrik Varju is a well known furniture designer/craftsman who operates "Passion for Wood" near Toronto, Canada. He also offers woodworking courses and seminars and has been widely published in woodworking magazines in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. In 2007, Hendrik started producing DVD courses and he has offered to provide some of them as prizes in Lumberjocks' contests. You can see the full list of all of Hendrik's DVD courses here:

This week, the prize is Hendrik's fifth DVD course called "Surface Preparation and Staining". It is 9 hours long and focuses on all the surface preparation you need to do before staining and finishing, as well as staining information and techniques for hand application. It also has a long and detailed bonus section on tuning and sharpening card scrapers and scraper planes. You can read more about this 5-DVD set here: It is valued at Cdn. $94.95 + taxes and shipping.

To enter to win this contest, just post a comment giving your answer to this question: "In your opinion, what is the #1 pitfall most people fall into that prevents them from achieving a successful stain application on a furniture project?" Post a comment by Feb. 14th and Hendrik will choose his favourite answer. Then we'll let you know how to claim your prize. Hendrik will ship it directly to your home at no cost to you.
The two main things,
1.Mask of all glue joint problem areas.
and then after sanding.
2.Seal the surface with a good oil based surface sealer.
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