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1 Board: 1 Project

Spring 2013 Challenge
Here's our spring challenge for you:
  • one board: one project-- except the board is a maximum size of 12" x 12" x 1".
  • You can re-saw it; cut it; carve it; drill it; paint it; stain it; add anything to it (other than more wood) and create one project with it.
    Rectangle Wood Font Art Happy

How The Challenge Works
1. Take a picture of your "before" board: maximum size of 1 foot wide, 1 foot long, 1" thick
2. Create a project using the board. Anything can be added to the project EXCEPT more wood
2. Post it as a new project.
3. Tag the project as: challenge-15
4. Have fun.

EDITED - Clarifications
  • yes, you can glue pieces of wood together to get the maximum 12×12x1-"but" it has to be the same wood. No mixing walnut and maple, for example. And don't forget to show us the before picture.

Although there is no "real" deadline, as this is an open challenge, projects for this initial challenge are to be posted by March 31st, 2013.
(We look forward to seeing many challenge projects, whether they are posted this month, next year, or ten years from now!)

The Prize
  • Fun
  • Friendly Competition


Other Challenges
Other challenges have been posted in the past. We'd love to see your entries for any or all of the challenges! Please remember to tag them as indicated for each challenge. LINK
Just a clarification… can it be 1 board foot (e.g. 6×24x1) because 12" wide boards tend to be spendy; or if not can we glue up a couple boards to make it 12" wide? Thanks.


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>>>>>FREE DRAW!!!! <<<<< deadline Jan. 17/14

Hendrik Varju is a well known furniture designer/craftsman who operates "Passion for Wood" near Toronto, Canada. He also offers woodworking courses and seminars and has been widely published in woodworking magazines in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. In 2007, Hendrik started producing DVD courses and he has offered to provide some of them as prizes in Lumberjocks contests. You can see the full list of all of Hendrik's DVD courses here: .

This week, the prize is Hendrik's third DVD course called "Working with Plywood".
It is almost 11 1/2 hours long and focuses on how to use plywood effectively in your projects. It also has a long and detailed bonus section with a step-by-step tutorial on building a stopped dado router jig, one of the most important jigs Hendrik uses in his workshop for working with plywood. You can read more about this 5-DVD set here: It is valued at Cdn. $94.95 + taxes and shipping.

To enter to win this contest, just post a comment giving your answer to this question: "What is the biggest difference, in your mind, between working with plywood and working with solid wood?" Post a comment before January 17th and Hendrik will choose his favourite answer. Then we'll let you know how to claim your prize. Hendrik will ship it directly to your home at no cost to you.
"What is the biggest difference, in your mind, between working with plywood and working with solid wood?"

Plywood is more consistent, simpler to work, and very production friendly.
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