Hitachi - WH10DFL 12-Volt Impact Driver (Rating: 4)

I bought this to replace my 18v DeWalt hammer drill as my go-to screwdriver. I got the hex chuck version - it's nice to be able to slip bits in and not have to deal with tightening the chuck. You can also get drill bits and countersinks in hex shank, so if you need to use it for those functions as well, you can.

My primary objective with this purchase was to get something lighter, and therefore easier to get into tight spots and to reduce the strain on my arm when doing a lot of driving. In this, it comes through in spades. There are probably lighter drivers out there, but this one is plenty light enough for me.

The builtin LED worklight is better than the one on my Dewalt drill. You can engage the light without engaging the motor by just holding the trigger very lightly, and it does a better job of actually illuminating the area where you're driving a screw instead of the area immediately in front of the trigger.

It had plenty of power for everything I've asked it to do thus far. If you drive screws into something soft like particleboard, it may not even engage the impact function, but when I tested it by driving 2" drywall screws into hard maple, it was impacting like crazy. Keep in mind that when the impact function engages, this thing is LOUD. I hadn't expected it. I's not really a problem for me, but if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, you may want to try it out before buying if possible.

Battery life has been good so far. I haven't used it heavily yet, but I've had it for about two months and with my occasional hobby use, I've swapped battery packs maybe three or four times in that period.

The power cord for the charger exits out the side of the casing instead of the back like most do. This caused a bit of a problem when I added it to my charger shelf, but it's not really a complaint as much as it is something to be aware of.

All in all, satisfied with this purchase. Bought this from Lowes because I got a gift card for Christmas, if I had been paying cash, I probably would've opted for the Milwaukee from Home Depot only because it got higher marks in the reviews I've read in the trade publications.