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Links in Emails

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When someone posts a hyperlink and I click on it it takes me away from LJ website. Is it possible to have the links open in their own window?
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Holding ctrl while you click it should do the trick.
What internet browser are you using and what version?
Thanks Damian, the ctrl button worked.
Lew I am using IE 7

Also, the right mouse button pops up a menu choice of new window or new tab. Middle button can be programed to open in new tab. At least on Firefox.
Does this board allow html code in comments?

I'm trying something here:
Click this link.
Thanks Robert, I didnt think of that
Okay, if you want to post a link of your own to automatically open a new window when other people click on it, use this code:

Just replace "" with the url you want to send them to. And type the text you want to be hyperlinked in the obvious spot. It will appear hyperlinked just like my post above and launch a new window so folks aren't sent off the LJ site. Easy peasy. Just type that code into a yellow sticky or something so it's handy to copy and paste into a post.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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